Thursday, January 28, 2010

Man Face!

A new Man Face animation was turned in by Jason today...looking great! The cleanup team has their work for the weekend.

Cat Stretch

Another cat animator on the crew is Vivi. She has turned in her latest shot. Cat stretches...we won't give away why he's moving to the side, the 3d portion is not being shown in this video.

Go team! We're just moments away from having all animation issued into production.

Prof. O

Shot 101

The last shot of the film has just finished animation. This animation is done by a new animator in the team: Kyna. Congrats to Kyna on her cute cat. Doesn't that cat look content?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week Four of Second Wave Production

...and things are truly rolling. We have our screening date set for the first week of April at the Strand Theater. The theater is booked and we are working to get the project completed. 11 man face shots and 11 cat shots are waiting to be issued into animation. Almost all shots ready for ink and paint have been completed. Over 1/3 of the film is ready for final composite. Go team! And to leave you all with a happy note - here is our favorite image that just completed ink and paint.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quota sheets !!

We're into our third week of full on production and the quota sheets are getting filled. CU is well underway. Ink and Paint is coming along nicely. Tones (3D and 2D) are getting approved. Lighting has just started and final composites are just on the horizon. There are still some shots to be issued into animation. All in all - the team is doing great. So many students and alumn have come onboard to help out as we go for the finish line. How cool is that? Images coming soon.

Prof. O