Monday, March 1, 2010

Production update...

Production is moving full tilt. We just had color dailies are doing final tweaks to timing and scene sequencing. The cat licking his crotch scene was almost cut! The horror - but ultimately it was moved to a much better place in the film. The crew is much relieved.
We are very excited about the upcoming screening of the film. Promotion for the screening is going out and Tshirts are being created to sell at the event (and for the crew).
In creating the final credits we have tallied that 39 people have worked on this project! That includes students and alumni who continued on the project even after they graduated. Talk about dedication!

All in all, things are moving amazingly fast. We even have a jingle for the trailer that is being put together: (read the following to the tune of the William Tell Overture)

There's a cat;

There's a man, and he's in a cast.

The greatest stuntman;

of his kind, he's the very last.

There's flinging flowers,

Breaking trophies, and his cape's on fire;

And his name is Jaguar McGuire.

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